Thursday, January 1, 2009

Guantánamo: a hellhole where torture scandals shook the world’s trust in US justice - Times Online

"Today, as the Bush Administration and the incoming Obama team join forces to try to persuade Britain and its European allies to help to close Guantánamo, it seems fair to conclude that the facility has been a disaster for President Bush and America. The very mention of its name has become shorthand for all the extrajudicial excesses, mistakes and torture scandals that have so sullied America’s once cherished reputation as a beacon of freedom and justice. 

Opening the facility seemed a justified move to many Americans in the early days of the War on Terror. But the Bush Administration was creating a monster that has eroded America’s moral authority, and a prison full of foreigners – many of whom have been cleared for release but have nowhere to go."

Military intelligence... Postal service... U.S. justice... Oxymorons all, with emphasis on "morons"...

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